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The Leader Lab gives you a tactical leadership toolkit — programs and resources that help experienced and emerging leaders flex and hone their leadership skills.

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The skills that get you into a leadership role are different from the skills that will make you a great leader.

Again and again, we find that people have been noticed, developed, and promoted into leadership roles based upon their job performance — which is good! — but have not been given the leadership skills needed to excel in the new managerial aspects of their jobs.

Leadership is a verb, meaning that to become a better leader, people need to learn and practice key behaviors. The Leader Lab exists to help aspiring, new, or longtime leaders hone this skill set to develop a better culture and ultimately drive greater performance from their teams.

You are not a born leader, because nobody is. Leadership is a craft that you’ll spend your whole career learning. Our practical, real-world leadership training will level up your skills and accelerate your career.


Internationally Recognized Leadership Experts

Tracy Spears and Wally Schmader’s unique approach to leadership training evolved out of their 20+ years working with front line and executive leaders. They have developed a framework for accelerating your leadership development and founded The Leader Lab in 2015 to make this content available to individuals and organizations across roles, industries, and leadership levels.

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Tracy Spears CSP

Tracy’s unique and dynamic delivery has made her an internationally-recognized speaker, trainer, facilitator, and coach. Tracy’s specialties include; diversity, equity & inclusion, workplace communication, personal branding, culture development, leadership training, executive team coaching, and strategic planning.


Wally Schmader

Wally has developed programs and content that have influenced thousands of leaders worldwide. Wally’s innovative strategies, ideas, and recommendations have been featured in dozens of publications and media outlets. He’s personally coached and advised dozens of CEOs and top executives.

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In-person or virtual keynote presentations for national / international meetings and conferences

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Personalized executive or small team coaching

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The Leader Lab

Scalable training for your entire organization

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Topic-specific workshops for your team

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Digital Courses + Books

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The Leader Lab

Invest in your emerging leaders

The Leader Lab is a comprehensive leadership academy aimed at managers, supervisors, directors, and VPs who would benefit from focused training to help them level-up their leadership skills.

Organized by core leadership topics

Interactive Virtual workshops led by Wally + Tracy

Cohort-based sessions and assignments

Custom organizational cohorts available

Scalable and affordable for groups of 10 to 1,000

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