Executive Coaching

Executive coaching should be focused on the space between where a leader is and where they want to be.

The Leader Lab works with executives who want to improve their leadership skill sets in meaningful, long-term ways and are willing to focus on the uncomfortable gap between where they currently are and where they want to be.

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Each coaching relationship begins with a proprietary three-stage discovery process

The Leader Lab’s approach identifies your goals, assesses strengths and weaknesses, and creates an action-focused strategy.



Talk with your coach about current challenges, what success looks like, and how you will measure progress.



Data-driven assessments powered by Predictive Index® to hone in on strengths and gaps.



Conversations with your team and mentors to identify top priority behavioral changes.



Successful coaching is all about focused development opportunities and accountability.


"I treasure my 1:1 talks with Wally. He always provides me with new ways to view an issue and move forward."
— Amy Coyne

"Tracy transformed the way I looked at my role as a leader in my company. She opened my eyes to see how much my performance affected the performance of others in a way that energized me. The impact was immediate to my team. And I can’t wait to see what else we discover that I can improve upon."
— Lisa Riley

"Wally has been my trusted advisor in good times and bad."
— Lucien Roberts

"I have counted on Wally’s wisdom and guidance in shaping my leadership team."
— Drew Ungvarsky

"Tracy is more than a consultant or a coach,  we consider her a full business partner.  We look to her for input on many business decisions that impact our people.  Her unique perspective on leadership trends and the challenges leaders face in an ever changing business landscape is what makes her stand out from all other consulting options we have."
— Felix Rosser

"Wally is perfect in his role as coach. I cherish his leadership and guidance."
— Chris Stuart

Coaching topics and cadence custom designed for your goals, needs, and schedule

From the strategy developed in the discovery process, The Leader Lab designs a plan for maximum impact, taking into account topics, delivery method, and schedules.

Coaching Specialties

  • Communication Skills
  • Driving Culture
  • Life / Work Balance
  • Improving Personal Energy
  • Presentation Preparation
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Coaching

Format Options

  • Weekly, Bi-Monthly, & Monthly
  • In-Person & Virtual
  • Annual Retainers
  • Multi-Leader Packages

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